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Succession Management - Planning For Rural Entrepreneurs

Chatham-Kent Businesses
Rural Entrepreneurs in Chatham-Kent

Rural entrepreneurs face unique succession challenges

Succession management is the process of planning for the transfer of leadership and ownership of a business to new owners. This blog covers some considerations that rural entrepreneurs should factor in when planning for succession.

Limited pool of potential successors

Rural areas may have a smaller population, and therefore a limited pool of potential successors. This may make it more difficult to find a suitable person to take over the business.

Family and community ties

In rural areas, family and community ties can be stronger, and this may play a role in succession planning. Entrepreneurs may want to consider whether they want to keep the business in the family or pass it on to someone with strong ties to the local community.

Geographic distance from large populations

Rural areas may be more spread out, which can make it difficult for potential successors to relocate to the area to take over the business. Entrepreneurs may want to consider ways to make the business more attractive to potential successors, such as offering remote work options or flexible scheduling.

Less access to capital, technology and specialized labour

Rural areas may have limited access to resources such as capital, technology, and skilled labor. Entrepreneurs may need to plan ahead to ensure that the business is able to attract and retain skilled workers and access the resources it needs to grow and succeed.

Informal approach to succession planning

In rural areas, succession planning may be less formal than in urban areas, with a greater reliance on informal networks and personal relationships. Entrepreneurs may need to be creative in finding and engaging potential successors, such as using social media and other digital platforms to reach a wider audience.


Overall, rural entrepreneurs should factor in these and other unique considerations when planning for succession. It is important to start planning early and to work with trusted advisors to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and ownership.

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